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Dale Strong, candidate for Congress, Receives Endorsement from the Fraternal Order of Police
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January 25, 2022


Our country and state are facing unprecedented challenges in the safety of our cities, towns, and communities. Criminal and violent activity is on the rise across our country. Our law enforcement officers face tremendous challenges with a false narrative which vilifies our noble profession as well as a pandemic that they must consider being exposed to on every call they go on. Many are turning away from this profession because of the perception that they are not wanted any longer in our communities.‍

We need help with fighting for our brothers and sisters within the law enforcement community. We need a member of our Congress who will stand up for the rights and demand respect for the authority of our law enforcement and the rule of law. That is why we as a coalition of lodges consisting of Tri-Cities Lodge #S, T.L. Blakemore Lodge #6 the Jimmie Bell Memorial Lodge #30, Hi Jackson Lodge #35, and the Decatur Lodge #46 of the Alabama Fraternal Order of Police strongly and unanimously endorse Dale Strong for the House of Representatives.‍

Dale Strong has a history of being a public servant and first responder. He was instrumental in the recovery efforts following the catastrophic tornado outbreak in 2011. He also serves as a volunteer firefighter and with emergency medical services in the Huntsville area. He has stood with other first responders in providing help in our communities' time of need. Now he stands ready to serve us all in Washington D.C.‍

As chairman of the Madison County Commission, Dale Strong has worked tirelessly to provide better wages and equipment for the law enforcement officers in Madison County. He holds the respect and support of the law enforcement constituents in the county.

We call on all of those living in District 5 to join us in supporting and electing Dale Strong to the House of Representatives.‍

The Fraternal Order of Police is the oldest and largest law enforcement agency in the nation. This coalition of FOP lodges consist of over 500 active and retired law enforcement officers.